A group of companies with sound corporate cultures

AB Max Sievert is a group of well run Swedish and Nordic companies. An active co-owner of companies that strive to be best in class and contribute to their long-term development.

Development in our companies is achieved by ensuring the best customer offering through continuous innovation and improvements, a competitive cost structure and a willingness to grow organically and possibly through acquisitions. One essential to success is to establish and build on sound values and a strong corporate culture.

To develop well over the business cycle, the financial risk in terms of debt should be limited and adapted to the sector and business plan. In this way our companies can grow aggressively whether the economy is growing or contracting.

We are owners without a defined exit horizon. Our return is generated through long-term appreciation and dividends over time.


With the company’s best in mind

Since exits aren’t our goal, what guides us is what is best for the company’s long-term development.

Delivering short-term results is a key to sustainable development. But if short- and long-term interests conflict, we always choose the latter.

We are happy to provide capital for investments and acquisitions that create value. Dividends are taken only to the extent that the capital cannot generate a better return through investments in the business.


Support and match management

Together with the other owners, we work through a small, accomplished board of directors that serves as a sounding board for management. We are careful in delegating responsibilities between the owners, board and management and believe that everyone will thrive if all these groups are well informed.

On the board are individuals whose experience can benefit the company. Directors and management are personally invested in the company in order to share the same view of opportunities and risks as other owners.


Engaged owner

We want to be an engaged owner with a thorough understanding of our companies’ businesses, customers, employees and markets. This is why we won’t spread ourselves too thin, instead focusing on a few holdings, all of which are important to us.

The aim is to know just as much about the companies and their markets as an entrepreneur or family business can about theirs.



Our commitment and the way we treat each other and others are based on four principal values: Drive, Simplicity, Innovation, Teamwork. They are the product of a long tradition at AB Max Sievert dating back over 130 years. See also “History”.



AB Max Sievert complies with the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI).

Links to our Environmental, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy (.PDF – 888kB) and Tax policy (pdf).