• Max Sievert co-owner of Convini

    2016-11-22 - 08:20

    November 21st 2016, Max Sievert became co-owner of Convini, for further information please see www.convini.se



  • Ulrika Lundgren and Christian Tegenmark new team members

    2015-10-27 - 11:39

    Ulrika Lundgren (Director of the Board) and Christian Tegenmark (Investment Director) will in November join the team. For further background please see “Team”.

  • Carl-Magnus Ruthberg and Bo Ax:son Johnson have joined the team

    2015-8-24 - 10:06

    August 17, 2015 Carl-Magnus Ruthberg (CFO & Investment Director) and Bo Ax:son Johnson (Investment Manager) joined the team at AB Max Sievert. For further background on the two, please see under “Team”.

  • New shareholder agreement

    2015-1-12 - 10:35

    Christian Sievert and three investors signed an ownership agreement in December 2014 for a new company with the name AB Max Sievert. See also “Owners”.