• Max Sievert acquires Nordic Traction Group

    2018-11-27 - 09:40

    17 November 2018 Max Sievert signed an agreement to acquire Nordic Traction Group together with its management. Nordic Traction Group is a world leader in tracks and chains for forestry machines. For further information, please see www.nordictractiongroup.com.

  • Max Sievert invests in Tillberg Design

    2018-6-20 - 12:00

    June 20, 2018, Max Sievert became co-owner of Tillberg Design. For further information please see www.tillbergdesign.com.

  • Convini acquires Kaffeknappen from NestlĂ©

    2018-5-08 - 11:44

    May 7 2018, Convini signed agreements to acquire Kaffeknappen from Nestlé. For further information please visit www.convini.se.

  • IMAS Foundation new co-owner

    2018-4-06 - 14:39

    In April 2018, IMAS Foundation (sibling to INGKA Foundation, owner of the IKEA stores) became a new co-owner of AB Max Sievert.